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What Is PETLinQ IQ?

PETLinQ IQ is IBA Molecular’s industry-leading PET education web portal and the foundation of our Clinical Education Program. This innovative site is updated each week, providing information on the latest applications of PET imaging, current PET/CT research, technological updates and reimbursement news. Online offerings are customized for your physician and technologist staff, your referring physicians and your PET marketers. PETLinQ IQ resources include:

Case studies Scientific literature links Sample PET utilization flow charts
Scan protocols Referrers' guides Video lectures
Reimbursement guides Monthly PET Review Radiation Safety Information
Reference Library Instructional slide sets NaF PET Bone Imaging Toolkit

In addition to these valuable resources, what makes PETLinQ IQ unique are the online discussion boards. Our users are able to ask questions of our PET experts and other users in the PET community. All topics related to PET imaging are encouraged, including clinical, technical, marketing and reimbursement questions.

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